Athol Foden: Get The Naming Monkey Off Your Back Aug-25 at Red Rock

Athol Foden gave a great briefing on naming your company and your product and took questions on naming at the Aug-25 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Mountain View.

Edwin Padilla: Launching a Business While Working Full Time

Edwin Padilla, founder of Powerball Technologies, Inc. gave a briefing on “Launching a Business While Working Full Time” at the Aug-12 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Windsor.

Elena Krasnoperova: Tips for Bootstrappers Hiring On-Demand Talent

Elena Krasnoperova has hired a number of freelancers and contractors on an on-demand basis for graphic design, marketing, lead generation, web research, and software development. At the Bootstrapper Breakfast on July 7 in Palo Alto she shared lessons learned from a range of experiences–both good and bad–and offered some tips on hiring on-demand talent. She was kind enough to allow us to publish her handout as a blog post. Elena Krasnoperova is a former executive at eBay, PayPal, Zong and oDesk, the founder of two bootstrapped companies in the “family tech” space: SimplyCircle and Calroo, and a Limited Partner at 500 Startups. She is a lifelong learner of all things business and entrepreneurship. Elena holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University

Silicon Valley Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers July 2017

A roundup of events in Silicon Valley for bootstrappers in May 2017; this month at the Bootstrapper Breakfasts we are focused on effective delegation and management of employees, freelancers, and consultants.

Silicon Valley Roundup for May 2017

A roundup of events in Silicon Valley for bootstrappers in May 2017; this month at the Bootstrapper Breakfasts we are focused on what habits to nurture and what to extinguish for success.

Brian Putt on Using the Value of Information to Manage Uncertainty

We had a great featured attendee at our Fri-Apr-7 breakfast in Palo Alto, Brian Putt of Probability Management gave a short briefing on "How Entrepreneurs Can Use The Value of Information to Manage Uncertainty" The "value of information" sometimes referred to as the expected value of perfect information, is a very useful concept. If the value of

Josh Anderson on Bootstrapping FreeDNS

Josh Anderson, founder of FreeDNS, shared “Lessons Learned Bootstrapping FreeDNS” at the Feb-24-2017 Bootstrapper Breakfast at Red Rock in Mountain View.

  • Atlanta startups

Welcome Atlanta Entrepreneurs

We are excited to be joining the Atlanta startup scene! Thanks to Chuck Hall and his leadership, Atlanta entrepreneurs who like to “eat problems for breakfast” can discuss business issues and challenges with peers. Chuck Hall, MSOD, is a business coach and consultant with more than 30 years of management and leadership experience with both Fortune 500 firms

Liz Fraley on Bootstrapping an Expertise-Enabled Startup

Here are my notes on Liz Fraley’s briefing on “Bootstrapping an expertise-enabled startup” at the Tue-Feb-21 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale.

Silicon Valley Roundup for Feb-Mar-2017

A Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in Feb-Mar 2017 Wed-Feb-1 at Split Bread in San Francisco: Steven Kim Offers a Briefing on "Deep Work for Bootstrappers: How To Double Your Productivity" Steven Kim, our featured attendee, is profiled in "Founder Story: Steven Kim of" He will discuss how he applied lessons from Cal Newport's